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Discover the Magic of Saffron

Embrace the allure of Kashmiri saffron and unlock the secrets to creating culinary masterpieces that delight the senses. From delectable desserts and aromatic rice dishes to savory sauces and traditional teas, our saffron is the key ingredient that transforms ordinary recipes into extraordinary experiences.

What We Offer?

sundried organic dry fruits

Naturally Sun Dried

We believe "Nature is a key ingredient for any food we consume". To keep that food information completely organic, we ensure that even the drying-up process is organic. So all our dry fruits are naturally sun-dried.

Directly Procured From the Farms

Directly Procured From the Farms

With Farms of Kashmir, we were highly focused on our procurement process. With leading experienced partners, we have no middlemen between the farmers and us.

Best Quality Dry Fruits

Top Quality Nutrition Packed Fruits

Our commitment is to deliver highly nutritious dry fruits to consumers. We ensure that our consumers get what they are paying for when so many adulterated foods are on the market.

Dry Fruits Grading

Thoroughly Graded

Grading is an important part when you are segregating quality products. Crops come in all mixed forms. We invest time in segregating to ensure that the quality is sorted.

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Why Farms of Kashmir? | Buy Dry Fruits Online

Farms Of Kashmir is a subsidiary brand of Hybridure Foods and Farms Private Limited that is known for its excellent quality organic products grown in the Kashmir Valley. We are consistently working with professionals to help create an informational guide for the consumers of various organic products grown up in Jammu & Kashmir.

If you’re looking for healthy, pesticide-free dried fruit options delivered to your doorsteps, look no further than Farms of Kashmir. We offer a wide variety of dry fruits that are both fresh and tasty. Our fruit is preserved with natural flavours and bacteria to keep it tasting great all year round. We have the perfect option for you whether you’re looking for a snack or an addition to your breakfast or lunch menu.

Choosing the right vendor when you are looking to buy dry fruits online is essential. To create a sustainable supply chain that is profitable for consumers, we planned to emerge as a Direct to Consumers Brand. 

With Farms of Kashmir, we have helped farmers succeed in the agriculture industry by providing excellent quality products directly to consumers at an affordable price.

When you Buy Dry Fruits Online, it helps the whole ecosystem | See how

Farmers friendly


Support Farmers

With more middlemen in between, on the consumer’s side, the demand is decreased due to high prices. Farmers get a lower price for their crops, due to which they are highly demotivated. So they either look for alternatives or start using adulteration methods.

consumer friendly


Buy Cheap Buy Fresh

With a sustainable supply chain, we, as a brand, can offer excellent quality and prices to consumers. Even the dry fruits have more shelf life when you buy dry fruits online, as we only remove the dry fruits from cold storage when an order is placed. This reduces the shelf life lost when it is displayed in the shopping stores waiting for the consumers to buy it.

our team

Our Team

We Love To Serve Fresh

Our team is highly motivated when you place an order with us. Our commitment and mission stay strong to serve the best quality dry fruits. Believe it or not, serving an excellent quality is true satisfaction. We embrace it every day when you buy dry fruits online with us.

Buy Dry Fruits Online | What Things to Consider?

When you buy dry fruits online, pricing is a very speculating thing. It is always to be remembered; quality and grading are the factors that differentiate the pricing.

Some vendors stock dry fruits at low prices and sell them when the market prices are high. This is the time they compete with the current market prices. But the fact is to be considered “Are these dry fruits fresh enough?” or “Does the low pricing justify the quality?” and the most important one is “How much shelf life has already passed off from the time vendor bought it?”. 

At Farms of Kashmir, we are committed only to selling fresh dry fruits. When the market is high, we sell high with minimal operational profit. When the market is low, we sell low, ensuring the best quality is served at the best prices. We at Farms of Kashmir believe “Food is information that is served to the body; we cannot afford to corrupt it”. Therefore, we must serve the right food to it. Buy Walnuts Online

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