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At Farms of Kashmir, we take immense pride in presenting to you the finest and most sought-after product of this breathtaking region – Saffron. As the golden threads weave a story of centuries-old tradition and delicate cultivation, our saffron stands as a true testament to the rich heritage and passionate dedication of Kashmiri farmers.

Why Saffron?

Saffron, the world’s most revered spice, has graced the palates of emperors and nobles throughout history. Cultivated in the picturesque valleys of Kashmir, our saffron carries an unrivaled flavor and aroma, elevating every culinary creation to a new dimension of excellence.

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The Origins of Kashmiri Kesar

The picturesque region of Kashmir in India is famous for producing some of the world’s finest saffron. The favorable climate, fertile soil, and abundant sunshine make Kashmir an ideal place for saffron cultivation.

Kishtwar Kesar

Pampore Kesar

Pampore, located near Srinagar in Kashmir, is another renowned saffron-producing area. Pampore Kesar is cherished for its aromatic fragrance, delicate threads, and distinct floral notes.

Recipes and Culinary Inspiration

The Saffron Flower: A Precious Blossom

The Crocus Sativus

Kesar is derived from the Crocus sativus flower, a member of the iris family. Each flower produces only three vivid red stigmas, carefully harvested to obtain saffron threads.

Labor-Intensive Harvesting

Saffron harvesting is a delicate and labor-intensive process. Skilled farmers handpick the delicate threads, making it a time-consuming and intricate affair.

Unraveling the Cost of Saffron: Why Is It So Expensive?

Saffron’s high price can be attributed to several factors:

Low Yield

Each saffron flower produces only a small number of precious threads, making it a labor-intensive and low-yield spice.

Harvesting and Processing

Handpicking and drying saffron threads requires time, effort, and skilled labor.

Climatic Conditions

Saffron cultivation demands specific climatic conditions and is restricted to a few regions worldwide.

Rarity and Demand

The limited availability of authentic saffron, coupled with its high demand in the culinary, medicinal, and beauty industries, contributes to its value.

Why Choose Farms of Kashmir Saffron?

100% pure saffron

Purity Beyond Compare

Our saffron is sourced from the heart of Kashmir, renowned for producing the world’s best saffron, ensuring you receive nothing but 100% pure and authentic saffron threads.

Handpicked Excellence

Handpicked Excellence

Each delicate saffron strand is handpicked by skilled artisans, preserving the essence and flavor that have made saffron a prized ingredient for centuries.

Sustainable Cultivation

Sustainable Cultivation

Farms of Kashmir is committed to sustainable farming practices, ensuring that every saffron bulb is nurtured with care and respect for the environment.

Flavours of Saffron/kesar

A Symphony of Flavor

Elevate your culinary creations with the robust and enchanting flavors that only Farms of Kashmir saffron can provide. From exquisite desserts to savory dishes, saffron adds a touch of luxury to every bite.

Identifying Original Kesar

Given its high value, saffron is susceptible to impurity. Here’s how to identify authentic kesar:

Look for the Threads

Genuine saffron consists of vivid, dark red threads with a slight orange hue. Avoid buying saffron powders or finely ground saffron, as they are more likely to be degraded.

Aroma and Taste 

Authentic saffron exudes a distinct and strong aroma. It should release a deep orange color when soaked in warm water or milk. The taste should be slightly bitter with a subtle sweetness.

Water Test

Place a few strands of saffron in water to check for impurities. If the water turns yellow immediately, it might indicate the presence of artificial dyes.

Purchase from Reputable Sources

Buy saffron from reliable and reputable sources known for selling high-quality spices.

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